eShop v1.0.3 – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce App



eShop v1.0.3 – Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce App

A cutting-edge multi-seller market like not the slightest bit sooner than the spot Merchants, Storekeepers, Retailers, and Entire Dealers can exhibit or advance their product on a solitary stage. this utility depends on Vacillate.

Exquisite Home net page

Eye-snappy and simple to passage the home show the spot you can introduce search choices, sliders, various dealers, dynamic item segments, illustrations, and extra.

Dynamic Items Areas

Most esteemed and requested quality, the spot you can make dynamic product segments with enormous choices to choose from like Recently, added stock, Items At a bargain, Top of the line Items, Most Selling Items, and Custom Items from All or Indicated examples.

Items Posting

Strong product organizing net page with organizing perspective and framework view present choices, High level Channel by and Sort by choices. Item Subtleties Alluring and useful item specifics view which gives your customers full points of interest with respect to the item. Item pictures and video, Item specs, item variations and its costs, buyer sentiments, seller data and related stock organizing all such data is shown in accurately coordinated procedure.

Item Patterns

Variety Samples, Picture Patterns and Text Patterns to make interesting and simple to separate item variations.

Item Credits, Labels and Channels

Make boundless characteristics to permit your product channel effectively in segments, item records, search results and extra. You can make ascribes for Varieties, Sizes, Brands, Loads, Stockpiling and undeniably more. You might try and partner totally various labels to the product to make entire pursuit experience smoother and legitimate.

Analyze Items

Add your necessary product to test organizing and effectively concentrate on specs, qualities and costs of changed stock effortlessly.

Postal districts

Check whether or not the item you’re searching for is deliverable in your home or not prior to along with it to truck.


Oversee and Show boundless examples for boundless ranges in addition current in vogue illustrations put together for the most part absolutely with respect to the benefactor’s activities, your necessary examples and all totally various examples easily.

Offers Zone

Interesting and Selective Offers Zone gave to organizing stock as falling under specific portion of present on costs.


Further developed life sized model of promotion code around 50% of the spot you can organizing promotion codes simply to permit your customers to choose from any available promotion codes.

Truck and Save for Some other time

Store and manage your product on server truck and section everything through the stages and gadgets. You might try and save your product for later checkouts from truck in the event that not anxious to continue all through the ongoing checkout.

Numerous Addresses

Deal with your various addresses, every it could pleasantly be your home arrangement with or office manage pick among various addresses simply while checkout.


Addresses, Favored Conveyance Date Time choices, Different Installment strategies to choose from and request rundown presents adequate specifics with respect to the request to be situated to the merchants, wholesalers and framework administrators.

Installment techniques

Give your customers the various value choices to choose from which may be simply reasonable at only a single tick on. We have Money down, PayPal, Razorpay, Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe, Paytm and Direct Bank Move value choices to give some examples.

Orders and Solicitations

Find and Track each product of request with genuine data available beginning from the acquired state to conveyed state. You might try and reveal or accept your solicitations whenever you really want.


Implicit pockets effectiveness to make request making experience further sooner. Re-energize your pockets and in like manner safeguard see of each and every pockets exchange just.

Dialects, Subjects and extra

Aside from this large number of brilliant decisions eShop has many further totally unique crucial options like multilingual assistance ( LTR and RTL dialects help ), fragile and darkish topic help, Client help framework, Allude and Acquire and extra.

Strong Administrator Dashboard

Strong Administrator Dashboard with various chiefs with module great consents characteristic to manage merchants, stock and examples, orders, sliders and present pennants, manage highlighted areas and undeniably more.

Dealer board

Effectively manage venders from the dashboard. Support/Reject their enlistment demands, view/manage their product.

Items and Variations

Oversee stock and its variations with enormous assortment of choices like Ascribes, Charges and Mass Transfer and substitute choices.System settings

Extensive variety of retailer settings choices which gives great adaptability choices to the framework householders with numerous choices to manage cost techniques, schedule openings, SMTP email settings, a single tick auto framework substitute property, notice and undeniably more.

Sliders and Offers

Feature explicit offers highlighted product or examples with the assistance of sliders and supply flags.

Support Tickets Framework

This allows the buyers to immediately produce an assistance ticket from the versatile application and separate team individuals can course of the solicitations.

Promotion Code

Proficiently manage promotion codes. Make great promotion codes with numerous choices and conditions to restrict it to match explicit circumstances.

Conveyance Young men

Oversee Conveyance young men and their assets and orders effectively

Web Settings

Web settings choices to modify a considerable lot of the decisions according to your necessities. Choices to manage General settings, Subjects, Front end Dialects, and Firebase Verification settings

Framework Clients

Make and manage framework clients with totally unique work jobs event administrator, boss, editors and allot them your expected authorizations for every module.

Dealer Board

A loyal Vender board is given to effortlessly manage their Items and Classifications, Orders, confidential Media information, Wallet exchanges, and Withdrawal Solicitations from the internet browser.

Conveyance kid Board Easy to use and manage board for the accessibility kid, the spot they’ll only manage their orders and moreover see their profit.

eShop v1.0.3 Flutter Multi Vendor eCommerce Full App



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