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Android is an open-source mobile device operating system for smartphones and tablets.It was initially developed a few decades ago by the Open Handset Alliance, which was supported by Google. It is a modified version of the Linux Kernel.Later, when Google purchased the entire business, it introduced a number of flavors, including Oreo, Cupcake, Jellybeans, Lollipop, Marshmallow, KitKat, and others.Android is currently the most widely used operating system on a significant number of mobile devices.This is also due to the fact that Android is compatible with a wide range of devices, including notebooks, smart TVs, smartwatches, tablets, set-top boxes, and more.72% of smartphones use the Android operating system, according to a study.This indicates that there is a pressing need for Android development, and in light of the world’s ever-increasing technological advancements, the demand for skilled Android developers is greater than ever.Android developers with the necessary skills are sought after by every business, whether small or large.
Android development projects, from beginner to advanced, are not only the best and easiest way to learn Android, but they also play a crucial role in the life of an Android developer.To create an Android application, all you need is basic knowledge of Java and Kotlin programming languages.Kotlin became the official language for Android in 2017, replacing Java.However, you can construct Android applications using any of the languages.Therefore, to get a general idea of what goes into creating and executing Android projects, start with some sample projects before you get a real-world experience.The top 15 Android projects, along with their source code, that you need to work on to improve your skills are listed below.

Android Project Ideas For Beginners

Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic tac toe is a two-player game in which players must choose between X and O on a three-by-three grid.The first player will receive one move at a time, one after the other, from any position on the grid.The game is won by the player whose three marks line up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.To preserve the 33 grid’s current state, the game will maintain a 2-D array in the backend.If the player clicks a box in the displaying grid that is empty, a function will determine whether to display an image of O if the previous one was X and vice versa.The game is over when the next two images match.

Tools/ languages required – Android Studio, Java, XML.
Source Code – Tic Tac Toe

Photo Management Application

A photo management application is the next Android project idea for beginners to consider.Users of this application would be able to view all of the images on their device in a grid layout.Additionally, they would be able to take new pictures, which would be saved on their device.Although this is a very basic project, it will undoubtedly assist you in understanding significant concepts.By completing this project, you will gain an understanding of how Android applications interact with a device’s internal storage.The CameraX library will also be used to enable options for image capture.Additionally, you’ll learn how to process images using Picasso or any other image library.

Tools/ languages required – Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, CameraX library, and Picasso.
Source Code – Photo Management

News Application

Tools/ languages required – Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, Volley or Retrofit library.
Source Code – News App

Music Application

The development of a music application is the next project idea.The user would be able to search their phone’s storage for a song using this application.A song could be played, paused, and stopped by them.Your application will display a list of all the songs that have been downloaded from the phone’s storage.It will search in accordance with the user’s input.Because the music app will be running in the background alongside other applications, building this project will teach you how to work with background services.Therefore, your music app ought to run in the background.You’ll also learn how to use the play, pause, previous song, and next song buttons to send notifications.

Tools/ language required – Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, XML, SQL for the local database.
Source Code – Music App

Tuition Notes Application

A Tuition Notes App is the next Android project idea.The students’ attendance at and absence from tuition classes will be tracked by this application.The instructor will upload notes and mark students’ attendance on a regular basis.Parents will also be able to monitor their child and communicate with the tutor through the application’s parents’ module.The tutor will add the students and their parents after the administrator adds them.They will use the application and log in with their credentials.The tutor’s uploaded tuition notes in pdf format would be accessible to students.Attendance records would be viewable by both students and their parents.

Tools/ languages required – Android Studio, Java or Kotlin, JSON/ XML.
Source Code – Notes App

Intermediate Android Projects

In times like Covid, conducting exams offline is extremely overwhelming.Therefore, the best option is to submit an exam application online, where the exam can be completed without much hassle.There will be two modules to the project:
The administration module is where the examinations will be scheduled, notice will be distributed, and, if necessary, all candidates’ accounts will be viewed, added, or removed.
Candidate module, where accounts for the exam will be created or deleted.In addition, this module lets you change passwords to keep the account safe.
Android Studio, Java, XML with a configuration system, Android Emulator, firebase authentication, and a real-time database are the required tools and languages.

Source Code – Exam App

Online voting system

It is difficult to wait for your turn to vote while standing in long lines.The online voting system comes into play at this point.It will verify the voters’ snap with the existing data by clicking on it.Additionally, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to their phone numbers once the identity has been confirmed.Consequently, voters can vote without difficulty.There will be admin and user modules in this.Voting will be initiated by the administrator and scheduled by users.Voting, face verification, and the generation of OTPs are all planned.

Tools/ languages required – Android Studio, XML, JAVA, Android Emulator.
Source Code – Voting System

Train Food Application

Idea for Android project:A food delivery app for train passengers traveling long distances is the next Android project idea.Because not everyone enjoys the food served at railway stations, ordering food online is always a good option to make the journey even more enjoyable.The restaurant/café, the delivery person, and the passengers are the three modules needed for this application.The application could be accessed by all three of them.They will be prompted to select a user role after logging in.
Passenger:A home screen with a variety of food items that passengers can order will appear to them.In a separate section, passengers would be able to view all of their ordered items and their status.They would also be able to see where the delivery person was at the moment.
Restaurant:Any restaurant that logs in will be able to access some admin features, such as the ability to add a new food item, update the details of already existing items, mark an item as unavailable, and so on.While uploading information, administrators would be able to upload images of the food item.Administrators would be able to see orders that have been placed and prepare and deliver food accordingly.
Person who delivers:The delivery person would have access to all of his orders, as well as their statuses, such as assigned, completed, rejected, and so on.
The passenger will receive the food from the restaurant, and the available delivery person will be assigned the responsibility of delivering the package.

Source Code – Train Food Delivery

Women Safety Application

Idea for Android project:The goal of the women’s safety application will be to make women feel as safe as possible.They only need to sign up for the app, and when they spot something suspicious, they will press the power button three times, sending their location to the nearest police station and emergency contacts.The woman can press the stop button when she reaches a safe area.The admin module, which will manage the application, view user information, and track the location, will be one of three modules in this.
The women who have registered for the application will use the user module.Users would be required to add information such as their location, emergency contacts, and so on after registering.
Users’ well-wishers will be the Guardian Module.They will also need to sign up for the app.
Shake detection in this application means that SOS messages will be sent to registered contact numbers when the device is shaken.Additionally, it will send registered contacts a link to the most recent known location via Google Maps.

Source Code – Women Safety App

Online Vaccination

Vaccinating infants and toddlers is essential due to their weak immune systems, which put them at a greater risk of contracting diseases and infections.Therefore, this application will collect all pertinent information about the infants and assist them in getting vaccinated, if they haven’t already done so, to protect them from harm.There will be two modules in this app:
Admin section:Administrators would be able to post vacant vaccination slots, produce reports, and issue vaccination certificates.Any user’s records could be retrieved to determine whether or not they have been vaccinated.
Modulus user:where users could sign up and log in to view available vaccination slots, schedule an appointment, and download vaccination certificates.Additionally, they would be able to see how many doses they have already taken.

Source Code – Vaccination×344.png
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