How to Add Ads.txt to WordPress (With or Without a Plugin)


Do you want to resolve the problem with your WordPress website’s ads.txt file?Well, there are a few different solutions to this issue.
WordPress lets you upload an ads.txt file using either a dedicated plugin or an Adsense management plugin.
You can also directly upload the file to your WordPress website in the root directory.
Therefore, carefully read the article to resolve the issue within minutes.

What is an Ads.txt file?

Ads.txt, or Authorized Digital Sellers, is a project of the IAB Tech Lab that helps make sure that your digital ad inventory is only sold by authorized sellers (like AdSense).
It helps you gain trust in advertisers and helps buyers identify counterfeit inventory.
By utilizing the ads.txt file, you provide advertisers with the data they require to select the appropriate vendor.

How to Create an ads.txt file for your site

An alert will appear in your Adsense dashboard when you log in to create an ads.txt file.To open the message “Create an ads.txt file for…”, click the “fix now” button and the Down arrow.
Select “Save As.”Your ads.txt file is downloaded by default.
How to use a plugin to fix the ads.txt file problem To fix the ads.txt file, log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the plugins section.
After that, select the add new plugin option and type ads.txt into the search bar.
Plugins like 10up’s Ads.txt Manager are now available.Simply activate and install this plugin.

After that, the WordPress dashboard’s setting options will now include a new option called ads.txt.
Now, copy the entire file’s content, paste it here, and save the code.Your WordPress website now contains the ads.txt file.
How to upload an ads.txt file in WordPress without installing a plugin You can upload the file directly to the root directory of your WordPress website without installing a plugin.
Step-1:To do this, go to your Hosting C-panel and select the option for a file manager.

Step-2: Here, you have to open the public_html folder where all of your website data is stored.

Step-3:You must now create a brand-new file and insert the code into it.The file must be saved with the name ads.txt in this location.

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