SB Admin 2


An HTML/CSS-based free admin theme for Bootstrap 4 and an up-to-date development workflow environment are both available for use in building your next dashboard or web application.


SB Admin 2 is a free, open-source admin theme based on Bootstrap 4 that makes it easy to create dashboards and web applications quickly.It has a card-based layout, a modern design style with subtle shadows, and could be described as flat material. The design is influenced by the principles of material design and has a simple, appealing color scheme.

A modern layout that is influenced by material design. The focus is on utility classes to reduce the amount of CSS that is used. Custom card and button components are made with utility classes that add more functionality. The layout was built with flexbox for seamless responsive behavior. The intuitive collapsable sidebar and top bar navigation structure was built with SASS to customize the default SASS variables in Bootstrap. It also includes dependency management with npm. The advanced workflow environment is based on npm and Gulp and

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