what is nulled wordpress theme and How to recognize?


Modified versions of premium WordPress products that have been made freely or at a reduced price are referred to as nulled WordPress themes.Websites that have nothing to do with the original developers provide these hacked items.
Although the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) can be downloaded for free, its users are aware that without payment, a professional website cannot be provided to visitors.In addition to web hosting, premium WordPress themes and plugins for bringing your site to life are available, as are advancements in speed and security.
Some WordPress developers use nulled versions of these technologies because it can be costly to set up a high-performing WordPress website.Nulled themes and plugins pose serious security, SEO, and website health risks, despite being less expensive than official paid versions.

Why do so many people use a nulled WordPress theme?

You probably already know that you can’t use unsupported WordPress themes and plugins.Despite this, there is a high demand for them.Let’s briefly examine the reasons for the popularity of WordPress themes and plugins.
The fact that these themes are free is the primary and most significant reason.They can be downloaded, installed, and used without purchasing a license, and they are widely available online.
because commercial themes are cracked versions of free themes.You can easily access all of your website’s distinctive features when you incorporate them into your website.
Nulled themes can be used on multiple websites without restriction, whereas paid licenses for WordPress themes restrict their use to a limited number of websites.
WordPress themes that have been deleted

How to recognize WordPress nulled themes?

Before starting a WordPress blog, one of the first things people do is look for free themes and plugins.Naturally, there are a lot of free themes included in WordPress, either from the repository or made by paid WordPress developers.We even have a free theme and plugins in our portfolio to show our appreciation to the community for supporting us and choosing us to build their websites.
However, a common mistake made by newcomers is not always investigating the source of their free themes.That poses the greatest threat.Customers rarely consider whether or not a website offers “free premium themes” because there are so many of them.Free themes are not available.It’s best to use the theme checker to check the theme before using it.

Free WP themes that are frequently used

  • Malina – Personal Blog Theme v2.1.5
  • Eduma – Education WordPress Theme v4.3.5
  • Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Themes v4.8.2
  • BeTheme – Responsive MultiPurpose Theme v21.9.8
  • The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress v9.7.0
  • Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper v4.9.6
  • Avada – MultiPurpose WP Theme v7.2.1
  • Healthcare – Doctor / Dentist v25
  • Zass – WooCommerce Theme for Handmade Artists v3.9.0


In conclusion, you should use free themes rather than these nulled ones.You might want to give a blog about free WordPress themes a try here.

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