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We have always given Wondershare’s Filmora high marks as a consumer-friendly video editor.We recommend it to both experienced and inexperienced video editors.
Filmora X, the previous version, was a video editing software that met or exceeded our expectations in terms of its overall usability and ease of use.
When the new Wondershare Filmora 11 was announced, we naturally became curious.Of course, we were thrilled, but we also had some reservations about the new version.After all, what new features could you possibly add to a tool with so many already?


The table below clearly explains the specifications:

OS RequirementsmacOS V12 (Monterey), macOS v11 (Big Sur), macOS v10.15 (Catalina), macOS v10.14 (Mojave).Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11. (64 bit OS)
CPUMinimum requirement of Intel i5 or betterMinimum requirement of Intel i3 or better
GPUIntel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later.Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later.
Hard Disk10 GB of Free Space required at the very least10 GB of Free Space required at the very least
RAM8 GB for normal video editing. 16 GB for HD video editing4 GB for normal video editing. 8 GB for HD video editing
PriceStarting at $49.99/yearStarting at $49.99/year

User Interface

Don’t fix things that aren’t broken.Thankfully for us, Filmora 11 heeds this advice.You get a straightforward interface that looks good enough.A splash screen similar to the one shown below will appear when you open Filmora 11 on a Windows or Mac device.

You can choose to continue acting this way or to bypass the screen every time you open the software again.We think this is a good addition because it gives you the option to make a few changes before starting the editing process.
You can adjust your project’s aspect ratio here.16:9 will always be the default.You can, however, switch it out using any of the other options that are available.You can go with:

  • 1:1 for Instagram
  • 4:3 for Standard Definition
  • 9:16 for Facebook
  • 21:9 for Widescreen

A few features can also be accessed directly from the splash screen itself.You can select the new “Auto Reframe” or “Auto Beat Sync” feature directly from this page, or you can access the screen recorder by clicking on “PC Screen.”
You can quickly switch between different aspect ratios with Auto Reframe.The “Auto Beat Sync” feature comes next, which we’ll talk about later in the review.
Review of Wondershare PDFelement 9.0, the Perfect PDF Editor, is recommended reading. Below the options, you’ll find a place to show off and quickly access all of your current projects.By selecting any of your current projects or clicking the “Add New Project” option above, you can switch to the main editing interface.
As previously stated, the primary editing interface is as user-friendly, contemporary, and clutter-free as previous versions.Filmora dodges the misstep of populating its point of interaction with unremitting menu trees for highlights, which we appreciate.

#1) Library

You can prepare all of your video, audio, and image files for editing in the library section.Additionally, you can access filters, templates, transitions, and effects from this location.By tapping “CTRL+I” on your keypad, you can import your video or image files here.When it comes to importing files, you have access to additional options.
With the brand-new “Audio Beat Sync” feature, Filmora 11 lets you import files directly from a phone or camera, an entire media folder, or a single file.Additionally, you can use the splash screen’s “Instant Mode” to access customizable video templates (more on this later).

#2) Preview

You will be able to track the progress of your editing tasks as you work on them in the preview section.Before exporting the file, you can watch a portion of your project or the entire project in its entirety.

#3) The Timeline

All of your images, audio, and video clips will be added, arranged, and edited here.We like that clips can be added to the timeline by dragging and dropping them.Cutting a clip or joining two clips is a cinch thanks to the timeline.
Simply position the playhead at the desired location on the timeline and click the “scissors” icon above to cut a clip.
By dragging the end of your file with your cursor, you can also reduce or increase its length.You can in a split second dispose of any pointless components on the course of events by tapping on them and raising a ruckus around town symbol.
You can also add transitions, effects, and filters here.The majority of your editing will take place here.With just one click, you can access everything you require right in front of your eyes.
You can rest assured that you won’t get lost during the editing process because each icon that represents an editing action is easy to understand.
A Comprehensive Review of Wondershare Video Converter Features is a good place to start. Filmora 11 adds a few new features, but it keeps all the core features that made it a good choice for video editors in the first place.Let’s take a look at what’s new and revisit some of its most important features.

Wondershare Filmora 11 – Pros and Cons

Flexible PricingSome new features like Instant Mode, Auto Beat Sync, and Preset Templates not available for the Mac version of the software.
Simple and Easy to Navigate Editing Interface.
Massive Effects and Royalty Free Stock Media library.
Automatic Audio to Video Synchronization.
New Preset Template Library for one-click video creation.
Cloud-based Wondershare Drive for secure file storage and simple sharing.
NewBlue FX and Boris FX Plug-ins.
Exceptionally fast video rendering speed.
AI Keying

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